Watch Sho Boxing : MATIAS VS. PONCE 2/25/23

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Watch Sho Boxing : MATIAS VS. PONCE 2/25/23 – 25th February 2023 Full Show Online
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Jeremías Ponce and Subriel Matías will face off in an authentic “civil war” for the International Boxing Federation Super Lightweight Championship , which is vacant at The Armory in Minneapolis, United States, in a fight that will be very difficult for them because both have hit, a characteristic with which one is born in boxing, therefore, they must be extremely careful when they come face to face already in the string .

Jeremías Ponce is confident that he will get the championship, because he already visualizes himself with him and he even wants to celebrate with his people in Argentina ; However, Matías has a life story that has led him to where he is today, which is why each one has their reasons to fight for the title that will lead them to boxing greatness.

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